Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask

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Fact: 60% of US adults experience sleep problems at some time!!!

Do you have problems sleeping; share your bed with a snoring partner; street noise keeping you awake at night?

Our Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask is the answer to all your problems!!
It not only blocks out light but external noises too, allowing you to enjoy a deep, restful sleep with your favourite music or relaxing meditation playing in the background.

If you are having issue getting to sleep or staying asleep our Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask is a must! Get yours now!

Shipping Times: 10-15 Days (USA & International)

  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology that can pair with any device within 33 feet
  • 10 hours of playing time with 1-2 hours quick charging
  • Premium memory foam with ice silk lining
  • Adjustable and suited for all sleeping positions
  • Washable
Customers' Questions and Answers:
Q: Can I wash the eye mask?
A: Yes, you it can. It is extremely easy to disassemble and hand or machine wash
Q: Is it Compatible with most devices?
A: Yes, Bluetooth connection with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows
Q: How comfortable is the eye mask to sleep in?
A: The face of the sleep mask is made from cotton for maximum light blocking. It also has an eye cavity lined with memory foam and ice silk for comfort. (Ice silk is a more breathable form of silk. It is a man-made denatured poly-viscose fibre that was developed to create a cooler version of natural silk)
These sleep eye mask headphones also have an adjustable close-fitting nose pad to properly contour the nose. It prevents any form of light from penetrating through the nasal area. The mask itself also features an elastic adjustable band at the back for a better fit.
Q: Can I sleep comfortably on my side.
A: The speakers are ultra-thin and won’t interfere or cause discomfort for side sleepers
Q: How long does it work after charging
A: While connected, the headphones can run up to 10 hours and will be fully charge within 2 hours. Also, you won't have to worry about sleep interruptions due to beeps or alerts as battery runs down.