Snuggly Puppy Seat

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Our little fur babies love to ride up front with us. This can be dangerous for obvious reasons. With our Puppy Car Seat you can have peace of mind. Your puppy will be comfortable, protected and restrained while sitting right next to you!!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does the puppy car seat suit all cars?
A: The puppy car seat requires a central arm rest/console to attach the seat to.

Q: Is there a way to secure my puppy in the seat?
A: Yes, the puppy car seat comes equipped with a safety buckle which can be easily connected to the pet collar
Q: What size cat or dog will fit in the puppy car seat?
A: Small dogs, puppies and cats up to 13lbs or 6kgs
Q: Can I wash the puppy dog seat?
A: Yes, just pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle or hand washing is also fine. Dry naturally, do not use the Dryer!